Meet Brilly Ant & the InsureAnts Gang

Welcome to InsureAnts HQ. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance, home insurance quotes or motorbike insurance then you’ve come to the right place!

Travel Insurance? No problem, Brilly’s been there, done that and can help you find great deals. Commercial Vehicle and Van Insurance? Look no further, we can show you some of the best rates in town. With Life Insurance for you or Pet Insurance for your furry friends we can help you find a great quote at a great price.

Our little ants have been busier than ever since the launch of our new website and have been scurrying around the nest getting things neat and tidy ready for your visit. So have a look around InsureAnts HQ, search for cheaper insurance, compare the prices and see how much you can save!

Brilly and his industrious gang leave no stone unturned in their quest to help find cheap insurance suited just for you and provide helpful news, reviews and money saving tips.  The quote system provided by Quotezone takes the stress out of the endless form filling and ringing around to compare insurance quotes that you normally have to go through to save a few quid.  You simply enter your details once into the ‘QuickFill’ quoteforms and in seconds you can compare the market, searching over 90 different companies to find you the best deals out there. One click or one phone call is all it takes and all your insurance needs are covered!

The InsureAnts Mobile App

InsureAnts Mobile AppIf you have one of those new fangled smartphones, Ant Tony has come up with an ‘app’ thingy that may be of interest to you. In the app you’ll be able to get cheap insurance quotes on the go and find the latest InsureAnts news, advice and money saving tips, as well as biographies of all the InsureAnts Gang. The app also gives you exclusive access to BrillyNet, the InsureAnts Mobile Social Network (iMSN), where you can catch up with your friends and the InsureAnts team, post messages, upload photos and share whats going on in your world. Click Here to read more!

If you prefer a more personal touch, please don’t hesitate to call free* on 0800 479 2821* and speak to a friendly advisor from Call Connection Limited.  Experienced advisors can often find you even better prices than you can get online, and it’ll make their day if they know they’ve helped you save even more money.  As an old Ant saying goes – ‘Happiness is a cheap insurance quote’.

Meet the InsureAnts Gang:

Brilly Ant is fanatical about insurance and obsessed with finding the best deals around. Yes, you may think the little fella needs to get a life and get out more but he’s no stranger to action and adventure – when he’s not saving our customers money, Brilly likes to participate in a number of extreme sports including skydiving, rock climbing and even the running of the bulls in Pamplona. He also likes to watch the Antiques Roadshow (no ‘ant’ pun intended, it really is his favourite program) and has a penchant for pickled onion Monster Munch sandwiches. Yummy!

Ant Tony is one of the youngest members of the team but don’t let his youthful exuberance fool you, he’s one serious cookie when it comes to computer code and is the genius behind a nifty insurance quote system.  As a precocious child prodigy, Tony was pushed by his parents into the demanding world of Robot Wars where his creation, ‘The TerminANTor’ was the series champion in 1998. After a period of rebellion, during which he did nothing but eat Pot Noodles and play SimCity for an entire year, he found his true calling as a computer programmer.  The rest, as they say, is history…

GrAnt is one of the more senior members of the InsureAnts team and helps keep some of the younger InsureAnts in check.  Responsible for boring stuff like finance and compliance, he also has an unnerving ability to sense when any of the call centre staff are messing around on Facebook. In his spare time he likes to play the banjo and watch the History Channel on his new Sky HD setup.  His favourite food is a chicken madras curry with mango chutney and a pile of popadoms washed down with a large glass of prune juice which he has every Sunday night. I stay away from his office on Monday mornings.

Adam Ant is the creative force behind the new look InsureAnts.co.uk website and our marketing campaigns.  If you want to send in any complaints about our annoying theme tune then don’t hesitate, [email protected] is the person you’ll need to speak to.  Together with international superstar Will.i.ant, Adam is a patron of the SaveTheAnts.com campaign.  Whilst bearing more than a passing resemblance to a famous 80’s pop star, Adam insists his look and style is all his own and a result of his bohemian upbringing in 1960’s San Francisco.  Yeah, whatever, Prince Charming – we all know you grew up in Wigan!

Ant Toinette joined the team last year after a successful career in the Risk Assessment Department of the Wall Street banking giant Lehman Brothers. In her short time with us, she has introduced many time saving methodologies and has fast risen through the ranks to head up our AR (Ant Resources) Department. Ant Toinette is responsible for the recruitment and training of new worker ants, but is far happier organising the car park plan and dress down days, as well as finding interesting new fonts to use in company bulletins. Don’t you just love Comic Sans….?

Contact InsureAnts.co.uk

The InsureAnts.co.uk website is an online only car insurance price comparison service operated at no cost to the visitor. For this reason, we do not provide telephone support. However, if you would like to get in touch with the team, simply click here to drop us a mail.

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InsureAnts.co.uk are here to help you to compare cheap insurance quotes and provide money saving tips, reviews and news. We do not sell insurance through our online system and are not an insurance broker. We simply allow you to access a list of quotes from our partner Quotezones extensive panel of UK based insurance brokers once you have entered your details in the online quoteform provided.  The results are then displayed for your convenience, helping you to select the best insurance deals for you, direct from Quotezones panel – saving you time and hopefully money in the process. 

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