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Christmas And Your Home Contents Insurance

Did Christmas rock for you? How was New Year’s Eve? Down here in the Ant Kingdom we had a riot – as usual. It rained food on the 27th December, you humans throw so much food out, we couldn’t move

Top Ten Burglary Prevention Tips

How to beat the burglars this winter Most burglars are not master criminals. They’re usually young men looking for an easy opportunity to get into a house without being seen and burglars love it when you make their job easier

Home Insurance for Home Based Workers

Are you covered to work from home? HOME is where the heart is, but if your home is also your workplace, you will need to have the right type of cover. Here at, we understand the security you get by

A Guide To Home Contents Insurance Cover

How much cover is necessary? WHEN you’re buying a new TV, computer or cooker, you’ll probably research it thoroughly – that’s what BrillyAnt would do anyway. He’s a meticulous little ant who reads all the reviews, compares prices and has

Home Insurance – Cheap isn’t always cheerful

Cheap isn’t always cheerful LET’S face it, we all get  a bit of a thrill when we unearth a bargain. But sometimes there can be a reason why something costs so little. It’s a bit like the time Adam Ant

Buildings Insurance Cover for your Home

A Guide to Cover Home Sweet Home. Yes it looks nice on those little signs you buy in those shops that sell the smelly candles, but for our InsureAnts, it literally is true. When they are not scurrying around finding

Calculating your Home Contents Insurance

Putting a price on your belongings CONTENTS – your stuff, your gear, your clobber. Just what are contents and how do you know how much they’re worth? Well, for a start, contents are the things that are in your house

Compare Home Insurance Quotes

Why It Pays to Compare THERE’S no place like home. Unless you’re looking for a great deal on home insurance, in which case, there’s no place like But we think you’ll feel right at home here when you see

Is Home Insurance Cover Compulsory?

Do I legally need this cover? Don’t be fooled by their size – ants are pretty resilient creatures. They can deal with most things the world throws at them (just don’t mention the aardvark). Ants can even survive a nuclear

Building and Contents Insurance Cover

Get your home covered for all eventualities Home is where the heart is. It’s also where most of your most prized possession are and where you feel safest. When it comes to home insurance, like your house itself, it’s good

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