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Bikers Pothole Perils

I love motorbikes, the faster the better, but commuting to work at InsureAnts HQ on my Yamaha R1 is getting to be like travelling across the surface of the moon with craters big enough to lose a bus in. It

Natural Gas Cars

According to the manufacturers of the solitary compressed natural gas car in commercial production (the Honda Civic GX) it is the “cleanest internal combustion engine on Earth.” Compressed Natural Gas is apparently cleaner and cheaper, not to mention better for

Biodiesel cars

Biodiesel is one of the alternative forms of fuel that can be used in diesel engines. It is, primarily, not made from petroleum and instead is derived from plant oil and animal fat. In America, biodiesel is usually made from

Flex-fuel cars

Flex-fuel cars – advantages and benefits Flex-fuel is becoming more common, although many people who own them are not even aware of it. Flex-fuel vehicles, or FFVs, are capable of running on gasoline and a substance called E85 – a

Hybrid cars

The basic formula behind hybrid cars is fuel economy, and this accounts for their ongoing increase in popularity. Figures such as 68-plus miles per gallon mean that many consumers are interested because of potential savings on fuel. Hybrid cars run

How Green is Your Car? A Guide to Eco-Friendly Motoring

Being aware of the environment is at the forefront of many individual, corporate and political agendas. One of the areas in which we are obviously not yet ‘green’ is the motoring industry. Currently, cars are major polluters. However, as the

Guide to buying a fuel efficient car

Buying a fuel effiecient car can save on car finance and efficiency. If you are in the market for a new car, and are concerned about global warming, considering the following before buying a new car could make all the

Can I affect the environment through the choice of my car?

Your choice of car has an effect on the environment. One disturbing truth is that many of the SUVs and larger 4WD vehicles that are becoming more common on our roads have a lower fuel economy (under 28 Mpg) that

Can I affect the environment through the way I drive?

By using a higher gear, carbon emissions are reduced In a word, absolutely. The way in which you drive is almost as important as the car that you choose to buy. Driving efficiently can not only save you money by

Is building a car bad for the environment?

Unfortunately, the manufacturing process involved in building cars is damaging to the environment. Cars are amongst the most complex and large-scale widespread consumer products in the world. This guide illustrates the manufacturing and assembly process and suggests ways in which

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