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Mums in a Jam

Many mothers now spend more than three extra working weeks each year just travelling to and from work – with those in London and the South East often enduring twice that. That means commuting could be making them miss out

Alien Abduction Insurance

Out of this World Cover For Humans & Ants Incredibly there is such a thing as Alien Abduction Insurance. Some of the most well known insurers and some smaller brokers have all touted the policy over the years, from Lloyds

The Top 10 Strangest Things Ever Insured

Buildings insurance, contents insurance, car insurance, travel insurance… these are all things that most reasonable people would take out just in case of those ‘it’s alright, it’s insured’ moments. There are a lot of things that aren’t covered by your

Zombie Invasion Survival Guide (InfoGraphic)

Get Zombie Insurance – ‘Protection From Infection’™ Now at

Zombie Insurance – ‘Protection From Infection’™

Fully Comprehensive Zombie Insurance For Humans And The Undead The walking dead and the undead TV soap watchers have plagued our TV and cinema screens for the past four decades. While the concept isn’t new and Africa has highlighted zombie

Top 10 Car Finance Tips

Looking to Get Finance on Your Next Car? Read my Quick Guide: Car Finance is there to help you when using credit to buy a new or used car. We have put together some handy tips containing information about the

Drivers Falling Foul of New Regulations

It’s difficult to argue with the fact that uninsured motorists are a huge menace on our roads (even more than GrAnt). It’s estimated by the DVLA that they add, on average, around £30.00 to every driver’s annual insurance premium. Even

Buying a Car 10 Top Tips

Brilly Ants Top Tips THE car market has done more then stall in recent years – it’s gone into reverse. However, I’m the sort of ant who’s always looking on the bright side and there are advantages to this downturn

Health Insurance For Freelancers Overseas

Expats – are you covered? Brilly Ant has been intrigued by a recent human story in the Telegraph which states that businesses that use freelance staff have been cutting corners on the health insurance offered to expats and workers abroad.

Pet Care – Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy

Is your pet fighting fit? Ant Toinette takes her job very seriously. When she’s not producing the company newsletter (with an over abundance of Comic Sans – let it go, Brilly), she likes to organise the odd health and fitness

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