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Income Protection – Do You Need It?

Income Protection Insurance: When your own regular income is suddenly stopped, it will pay out money to help you and your family meet important costs such as mortgage repayments and other bills. Whether you have a mortgage or other financial

Critical Illness Life Insurance – A Guide

Critical Illness Cover We all know what to do if we get a cold or a touch of the flu (although, Adam Ant really takes it to the extreme sometimes – he says he suffers more because he’s ‘creative’). Sickness

The Different Types of Life Insurance Policy

We’ll Help You Understand the Differences Ah, life. The only certainty, they say, is that some day it’ll all come to an end (bit morbid but it is Monday morning!). That’s why Brilly Ant’s philosophy is to pack as much

Save Money on Your Life Insurance

InsureAnts Tips to Help Save You Money “Life insurance, that’s just for old people, isn’t,” says young Ant Tony. He may be a up-to-date with all the latest gadgets and gizmos, but our Ant Tony isn’t great when it comes

Over 50s Life Insurance Quotes

Affordable Cover for the Over 50’s Ants are renowned as hard-workers, whether they are Insure Ants, scouring the market to find you cheap life insurance quotes, or the Central American leaf-cutter ants who cut leaves with their teeth to make

A Beginners Guide to Life Insurance

Life is What You Make It Brilly Ant’s mate, Adam Ant fancys himself as a bit of pop star. When he’s not trawling the market trying to find you the best deal for your life insurance, he drives everybody in

Who Needs Life Insurance Cover?

Protection For Your Loved Ones If You’re Not Around Brilly Ant is such a busy ant, searching the market all day to find you the best deal on life insurance. But he knows that he has to provide protection for

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