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Taxing issue for van owners

It may be hard to believe, but everyone’s favourite curry-munching, Pina Colada-quaffing InsureAnt, GrAnt is a bit of a whizz with the numbers. Sometimes, during our afternoon tea-break, we’ll flick on Countdown and GrAnt will have the number puzzle sussed

Save The Ants, Save Humanity

Ants are one of Earth’s most successful species of insect and are found in all types of climates from mountains and valleys to deserts and rainforests, they can even be found in the Arctic Circle. There are over 20,000 different

Buying or Leasing a Van

Buying or leasing – which is best for me? A new year always brings new resolutions here at InsureAnts HQ. GrAnt almost always says he’s going to cut out the Sunday night curries and, for a few blissful weeks, everyone

Choosing a Van That’s the Perfect Urban Fit

What Are The Best Vans For The City? When we asked around the InsureAnts offices for someone who was a bit ‘urban’, young Ant Tony was only too eager to help out. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t so much R&B

Cheaper Van Insurance – Lowering the Costs

How low can you go with van insurance? BRILLY and the boys (and girl, sorry Ant Toinette) believe they are great judges of character. That’s why they already know that you a clever consumer. How do they know that? Well

Finding the Perfect Work Van

Four van-tastic commercial vehicles It’s important to comfortable in your workplace – no matter where that is. True, GrAnt can get a little too comfortable at times, especially when he grabs a quick 40 winks in his accommodating office chair

Vauxhall Combo Van Review

SMALL, efficient, hard-working and saves you money. Yes, we could be talking about our great team of InsureAnts. But the same also applies to the Vauxhall Combo van. Like the InsureAnts, this little van will be easy on the pocket

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Review

BrillyAnt often dreams of standing in front of a large crowd, clutching his award and delivering the tear-filled speech: “I’d like to thank my mum and dad, my colleagues, my dog, the tea lady.” He’s not quite sure what he’d

Find Van Insurance for Convicted Drivers

Don’t Let a Driving Conviction Price You Off The Road SOME of our InsureAnts (particularly Ant Tony) are very savvy when it comes to technology. How else do you think they could churn out a load of top van insurance

Get Your Cheap Van Insurance Online

A Guide to Finding The Best Quotes If you own a van, or even a run company that relies on commercial vehicles, you’ll be no stranger to hard work.  Well, you’ve come to the right place – nobody works harder

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