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Brillys BlogBrillys Blog – It’s an Ants Life! Welcome to Brillys Blog, here we can ponder the whimsical musings of everyones favourite InsureAnt as he gives us his ‘ants eye’ view of the world.  Covering weird and wonderful stories from all around the globe, to the latest money saving hints and tips as well as advice on all things insurance related, there’s more than enough to write about to keep him out of trouble.

Brilly found that there was just not enough space in the InsureAnts Twitter and Facebook accounts for him to inform and entertain his public, so thought he’d have a crack at his own little corner of the InsureAnts website.  As well as being an extreme sports enthusiast and Monster Munch addict, Brilly is a prolific writer and contributes regularly to the other blog sections of this site:

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But for now, sit back, have a nice cuppa and enjoy Brillys latest ramblings, er… I mean postings!

Mums in a Jam March 11, 2014mum in carMany mothers now spend more than three extra working weeks each year just travelling to and from work – with those in London and the South East often enduring twice that. That means commuting could be making them miss out on valuable time with their children – the commodity that the majority of mums claim they would value most as a Mother’s Day gift. Despite this, many mums with children under six are still unaware that they have the right to ask their employers for more flexible working practices* – which could ... Read more about this post

Alien Abduction Insurance January 13, 2014alien abduction insuranceOut of this World Cover For Humans & Ants Incredibly there is such a thing as Alien Abduction Insurance. Some of the most well known insurers and some smaller brokers have all touted the policy over the years, from Lloyds of London to a variety of  ‘it can only happen in America’ institutions. With so many galaxies, universes and planets out there it is not inconceivable to imagine that there are aliens roaming around the solar system. Indeed claims of sightings and abductions over the years may well lead you to believe ... Read more about this post

The Top 10 Strangest Things Ever Insured December 22, 2013Top 10 Strangest Things InsuredBuildings insurance, contents insurance, car insurance, travel insurance… these are all things that most reasonable people would take out just in case of those ‘it’s alright, it’s insured’ moments. There are a lot of things that aren’t covered by your standard insurance policies though, and a lot of people who aren’t covered by the term ‘reasonable’. From alien abduction to Immaculate Conception, here are our top 10 oddest insurance policies ever taken out. 10. Alien Abduction There are a couple of issues with the prudence of taking out insurance against being abducted by ... Read more about this post

Zombie Insurance – ‘Protection From Infection’™ November 26, 2013zombieFully Comprehensive Zombie Insurance For Humans And The Undead The walking dead and the undead TV soap watchers have plagued our TV and cinema screens for the past four decades. While the concept isn’t new and Africa has highlighted zombie prowess for centuries, Zombie insurance is very new. Its  not new in the ant world however – we have had zombie ants for years! There are currently three levels of Zombie insurance. Third party policies, Third party infection and theft and Fully comprehensive, for the ultimate in undeadness and one that can ... Read more about this post

Top 10 Car Finance Tips November 19, 2013car financeLooking to Get Finance on Your Next Car? Read my Quick Guide: Car Finance is there to help you when using credit to buy a new or used car. We have put together some handy tips containing information about the pros and cons of buying a new car or used car, running costs, finance tips and payment options. New or used car? Many people view cars as simply a way to get from A to B. Buying a new or second hand car should be fun and pleasant. It is an opportunity to ... Read more about this post

Drivers Falling Foul of New Regulations October 8, 2013motorists police insuranceIt’s difficult to argue with the fact that uninsured motorists are a huge menace on our roads (even more than GrAnt). It’s estimated by the DVLA that they add, on average, around £30.00 to every driver’s annual insurance premium. Even if you get the most competitive quote you can from InsureAnts you will still be paying this hidden extra cost. It was therefore only a matter of time before a crackdown was announced in order to tackle the issue. Insurers have to pool together to pay for the accidents that these ... Read more about this post

Save The Ants, Save Humanity August 23, 2013SaveTheAntsAnts are one of Earth’s most successful species of insect and are found in all types of climates from mountains and valleys to deserts and rainforests, they can even be found in the Arctic Circle. There are over 20,000 different species of ants on the planet at current estimates making it one of the most varied species to be found. When most folk think of mass extinctions they think of the event that wiped out the Dinosaurs as this is the one that gets the most attention from media and films. ... Read more about this post

Buying a Car 10 Top Tips August 23, 2013car insurance Brilly Ants Top Tips THE car market has done more then stall in recent years – it’s gone into reverse. However, I’m the sort of ant who’s always looking on the bright side and there are advantages to this downturn in sales. Low sales means dealers are willing to go the extra mile (although, maybe not that far considering the cost of fuel these days) to entice customers in. Whether your in the market for a used or new car, you’ll need to be pretty savvy if you want to uncover the best ... Read more about this post

Health Insurance For Freelancers Overseas August 20, 2013expats health coverExpats – are you covered? Brilly Ant has been intrigued by a recent human story in the Telegraph which states that businesses that use freelance staff have been cutting corners on the health insurance offered to expats and workers abroad. Brilly Ant and others have noticed a similar situation in the Ant kingdom and have been pondering how best to offer an insurance policy that caters for the hardships when a shortfall in coverage has come about through no fault of the one needing to be insured. Just last month there was ... Read more about this post

Pet Care – Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy August 2, 2013dog fitnessIs your pet fighting fit? Ant Toinette takes her job very seriously. When she’s not producing the company newsletter (with an over abundance of Comic Sans – let it go, Brilly), she likes to organise the odd health and fitness drive from time to time – odd being the word because the sight of GrAnt puffing away on a treadmill in his short shorts is a strange one. To be fair to Ant Toinette, her hearts in the right place. She likes to take care of her fellow InsureAnts, something pet owners ... Read more about this post

Pet Insurance Buyers Guide June 28, 2013Pet Insurance Buyers GuideBrillyAnt and the gang take the ‘lead’ You don’t have to tell the folks at InsureAnts just how much fun pets can be. Two-legged or four-legged, fur, feathers or scaly skin, they all have their own little ways and personalities. That’s what makes it so tough on pet owners when something happens to them. For many people, pets are part of the family and we can all take great joy out of watching them jump about, full of life (a bit like GrAnt the Friday before a Bank Holiday weekend). But when they ... Read more about this post

Pets In The Car June 14, 2013dog in carDog on board? Keep them safe and comfortable Ah the summer months. Packing up the car and getting away from it all for a few days. Of course, when you’re packing up your motor, it’s always wise to make a checklist of everything (and everybody) you’re taking with you. Don’t be like GrAnt that time we were planning a work weekend away by the coast. To be fair to him, GrAnt had packed the car full of all the essentials, food and drink, even the barbecue. He just forgot to pick up ... Read more about this post

A Healthy Outlook on Travel Insurance June 4, 2013health and travel insuranceMaking Sure you’re Covered GrAnt is an adventurous sort when it comes to holidays. Okay, so he might enjoy his full English breakfast at the Red Lion in Costa del Fortune every year, but he’s also prepared to broaden his horizons too. The thing is, he doesn’t really know when to stop and despite going more shades of green than Ireland on an ill-advised trip to a seafood bar, he still comes back for more. Being an InsureAnt, though, GrAnt knows that if he falls ill (which seems to happen a lot) or ... Read more about this post

Driving in Europe May 23, 2013driving in europe adviceA InsureAnts Guide to Driving in Europe There are a number of signs we look out for in InsureAnts HQ if we want to know if summer is approaching. For a start, GrAnt starts committing the fashion faux pas of wearing a short sleeve shirt with a tie. He’ll also carry one of those hand-held fans everywhere, although that doesn’t always mean the sun’s out – it can also mean GrAnt’s had to negotiate a couple of flights of stairs. Another red flag we look out for is the traffic reports on the ... Read more about this post

White Van Man Turns Green May 3, 2013Eco VanGreen for Go We all know the traditional view of the ‘white van man’. Eats pies, reads the redtops during one of his many tea breaks and enjoys a few pints at the weekend. But we at InsureAnts think it’s time to unleash ‘green van man’ onto the UK’s roads. Don’t worry, ‘green van man’ isn’t some alien who’ll buzz about in his spaceship doing the job ten times fast than our dear old white van man – that would never do. Your average van driver might not bother too much about the ... Read more about this post

Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Caravan April 19, 2013caravan buyers guideGet your homework done before heading off on holiday GrAnt loves his caravan, he says having your own caravan is a bit like have a hotel on wheels right outside your door.  We can see his point of view and appreciate the freedom that caravan travel can bring (although we wouldn’t like to share a caravan with him after his Sunday night curry…) Load it up, hook it onto your car and away you go. Owning a caravan give you a tremendous sense of freedom as you can pretty much decide when ... Read more about this post

Staying Safe While Backpacking April 12, 2013Backpacking Safety TipsWe’ve got your back if you don’t mind the gap You would think the backpacking would come naturally to the InsureAnts – after all they are quite adept a carrying heavy loads around on their backs. However, it’s not really GrAnt’s idea of a holiday and young Ant Tony, who actually did venture to some of the world’s far flung location, just spent the time moaning about the lack of Wi-Fi. But BrillyAnt just loved it. It allowed him an array of different cultures and see some amazing sights on a very tight ... Read more about this post

Quit Smoking for Cheaper Life Insurance March 29, 2013Smokers Life InsuranceBad habits come at a price Let’s face it, we all have a few bad habits. However, it’s worse when those habits affect other people and your wallet. For example, take GrAnt’s insistence on washing down his Sunday night curry with a litre of prune juice. You may say, oh but he does that in the privacy of his own home, but it’s the next day in the InsureAnts offices where we all bear the brunt of its aftermath. Ant Toinette has an awful habit of biting her nails, but that pales into ... Read more about this post

Converting Your Van to Run on LPG March 22, 2013LPG for commercial vehiclesCut Commercial Vehicle Fuel Bills THERE is one upside to the rising cost of the petrol and diesel – it’s helped Brilly and some of InsureAnts get fitter. Some of them have left the motor at home from time to time and walked, or even jogged to work. Of course, you don’t want to bump into a sweaty GrAnt on a Monday morning (or any morning for that matter) as he’s working off the previous night’s curry. Young Ant Tony won’t have any of it. Using his experience all those years back on ... Read more about this post

12 Ways to Lower Your Vets Bill March 4, 2013Vets BillsKeeping your vets bills down If you have a dog, you’ll know you’ll need to factor expenses such as food into your weekly shop. Even a little goldfish needs some grub, although GrAnt isn’t sure how anybody can call those dried up flakes ‘food’. However, you’ll always know how much you’ll need to fork out to feed your dog as there’s always a great range of food in the supermarket, but when it comes to vets bills, it can be anybody’s guess. Covering vets fees is one of the biggest benefits of pet ... Read more about this post

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