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It’s enough to bring you to tears, but literally thousands of pounds can tumble off the value of a brand new car the moment it rolls out of the showroom. New or used is not a choice many can afford to make and most reach for the Autotrader to browse second hand cars.

At a time when everyone is tightening their belts, buying a new car simply isn’t an option for the majority of us (unless you have a four-year old son and you can pick up a box of 5 Hot Wheels for a fiver!). Most people need a car and more and more are turning to the second-hand car market in search of value.

There certainly are some cracking deals to be unearthed there (something we’re no stranger to here at, but there are many pitfalls involved in buying a used car too. That’s why you need to be armed with as much information about the car you are going to buy as possible.

The term ‘second-hand car salesman’ conjures up images of some shifty Del Boy-type who’ll not think twice about taking your hard-earned cash for a dodgy motor.

But even if someone isn’t sporting a sheepskin coat and a load of bling, you still need to cautious when buying a car, either privately or through a dealer.  Let’s face it, when someone is trying to sell you a car, they’ll have it shining so brightly, you may be blind to the defects – not that they’ll draw your attention to them anyway. The car could have been involved in an accident and written off by the insurance company last year and you’d none the wiser.

Before you buy a second-hand car, always have a vehicle data check done. This will give you loads of the information about the car such as whether it has been involved in an accident, if it has been stolen or does not belong to the person selling it. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg and can even be done on your mobile phone – text HPI checks are quick and easy, and can be the difference between a purchase and disaster.

You can also find out if there is any outstanding finance on the car. This can be very important even if you do buy the car as the finance company has a right to claim back the vehicle if there is still money owed on it by the previous owner.

Getting it ‘write’ with an HPI Check

A thorough check will tell you if the car has been declared a write off by the insurance company. It is not uncommon for cars to be written off by the insurance company and then fixed up by someone else to be sold on. But if car has been written off, the owner will have been paid by the insurance company, meaning the insurance company actual own the vehicle – or what’s left of it.

Getting a background check done can help greatly when buying a used car. Let’s face it; you’ve come to for cheaper car insurance, so we know you’re good at doing your research.

There are many companies who will do HPI car checks free online for you or send you a text check from your mobile phone. All you need to do is give them the make and model, the VIN number, registration number and mileage of the vehicle and you’ll get the results straight way.

Most will charge for this service, but many dealers will do it for free if you’re buying through them. It will, however, give you wonderful peace of mind when shopping for a second hand car.

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