Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

cheap car insurance quotes

TIMES are tough these days and everyone has had to cut back a little. We’re no different here at InsureAnts HQ.

Like most of us, you’re probably trying out different supermarkets to find the cheapest prices, trying to save a few quid here and there. You’ll fairly quickly clock up the miles whizzing from one to another, which ends up costing more than you save in petrol – and please don’t get us talking about the price of that nowadays! Either that or your feet will be sore from marching round the shops, trying to compare prices on the high street.

Looking for great deals is much easier. At, we have selected Quotezone to help you find some cracking deals on car insurance. You can compare cheap car insurance quotes online to find a great deal. When you compare cheap online car insurance quotes there are a few ways you can save and a few things to keep in mind.. You just sit back in your comfy chair and let us do the hard work.

We’ll compare cheap car insurance quotes online for you

When you compare cheap online car insurance quotes cheaply with us, there are a few ways you can save and few things to keep in mind.

Covering up

There are three types of car insurance to choose from – third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. If you are on a tight budget, third party generally only provides cover for third parties involved in insurance claims and is generally the cheapest option.

Third party fire and theft can offer more coverage and may be a good compromise if you’re looking for a little more cover, but still looking to make a saving over comprehensive cover.

Fully comprehensive is the most expensive type of cover, but provides you with the best type of protection.

You need to weigh up what sort of cover you want with want you are prepared to spend. When you compare car insurance quotes, make sure you study carefully what each one is offering before making a decision.

Be up front

If you can, pay for your premium in one go. Most insurers offer monthly instalments, but this will end up costing you more over the year when you factor in a deposit and interest.

When you get your renewal quote, don’t accept it straight away. Let the Insure Ants scour the market for you to find a better deal. We’re pretty certain we will too because most insurers will offer you a renewal price which isn’t very competitive.

Nothing compares to comparing

Car insurance prices are rising all the time so it is literally costing you money NOT to compare.

At, we have selected Quotezone to provide you with an insurance comparison service. Just fill out the simple form and you can search from a huge range of providers.

You can call the friendly UK based call centre provided by Call connections on 0800 479 2821* they will only be too happy to help you save money



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