Christmas And Your Home Contents Insurance

christmas present insuranceDid Christmas rock for you? How was New Year’s Eve? Down here in the Ant Kingdom we had a riot – as usual. It rained food on the 27th December, you humans throw so much food out, we couldn’t move for weeks after eating it all. We absolutely love how much sugar you put in your puddings and cakes!

Then there’s the firework’s on New Year’s Eve, really we must thank you. We don’t usually get chance to see much of the bonfire night firework displays as we’re so busy getting the best deals for our customers but at least we get a break over the Christmas period. I was talking to Brilly Ant and we agreed there is an easy way to say thanks for all you give us. Albeit secondary and without thought.

Like our fellow ants, you give a lot of presents at Christmas. Some of you are tight and give socks or just a card but others give jewellery, gadgets, televisions, bicycles and memorabilia. But what happens if something goes wrong and you lose a new gift, do you know if you’re truly covered by your current home contents insurance?

Home contents insurance is usually the gift that keeps on giving, however its cover does reach a point where you need to start thinking about sourcing an additional policy or topping up your current one.

Check You Are Covered

When home owners take out a policy, they usually do so because they need a mortgage or re-mortgage and it’s a necessity to be able to receive the loan in the first place. So not everyone checks if they have the right value of cover for contents that they may actually need.

The average house holder is usually OK. Coverage is typically for between £2000 and £5000 when it comes to gadgets and home entertainment systems. However there is a vast difference between specific item cover and that of an all encompassing content insurance package.

For instance should you lose your valuables, gadgets, bike, jewellery, while out and about, away from home or on holiday then the excess could possibly be higher than the cost of the gadget itself.

But what if your items get stolen from your home and you are burgled? All those presents from Christmas, that extra large television, the play station, the bikes for all in the family, new food processor, all gone… if the value of your contents cover didn’t rise with your additional purchases or gifts then you may be in for a shock.

Be honest, how many Christmas Days have passed since the last time you phoned your insurer to check all your contents are covered? Two years, five years? Imagine all the things you have received or bought in that time, do you think your original content’s insurance still covers all you own? Think again, and fast!

So this is our belated Christmas present to you, from all us ants who are very grateful for your firework displays and all the free sugary food. Phone your home contents policy provider and check your new gifts, gadgets and jewellery are covered. And also compare individual gadget and jewellery cover to see if you can get a better deal without increasing your premiums.

Keep Your Home Safe, All Year Round, With

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