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We want you to feel at ease in your home, which is why we’re dedicated to digging out sources of cheap home insurance for you to compare. So take the hard work out of comparing the best deals, just type in your details in the simple quote form and start saving money.

We’ll help you find the most comprehensive range of cheap quotes available. Did you know that some other comparison websites only cover between 55 and 65% of the market at any one time? Other comparison sites may not show you the whole picture.

Everyone’s home is special, and everyone’s home is different. That’s why, when you compare with the help of the InsureAnts, you’ll dig out a policy that is perfect for your needs at a great price.

The most expensive thing you will insure is your house. You should make sure you take out enough to cover the cost of rebuild should anything major happen to your nest. This involves something of a balancing act.

You will need enough money to rebuild your house, which isn’t the same as buying a new one. Don’t value your house at market prices as you could end up paying for too much for cover. Likewise, if you underestimate the cost of a rebuild, you may find yourself under insured.

You can get a survey done, although that might be an added expense. The other option is to use the ABI Rebuild Cost Calculator, although this won’t give you a totally accurate price.

You will also need to tell your provider if you live in a high risk area such as one which is liable to flooding. Don’t try and hide these facts as it could come back to bite you. Having things like a burglar alarm or living in an area with a neighbourhood watch scheme could cut the cost of your premium so do tell your provider about this too.

Home and Contents Insurance – What Does It Cover?

Right, as Keith Lemon would say ‘Let’s go through Keyhole’. Home and contents insurance doesn’t just cover your house, but what’s in it. Make sure you are accurate and honest when you’re getting a quote and providing information.

Try and get a good idea of how much your stuff costs, especially the bigger items like TVs, computers, DVD players and kitchen appliances. If there are items whose specific value you want to protect like expensive jewellery or other prized possession, let your provider know. If an item is named on the policy, it will be much easier to recoup its value if it is damaged or stolen.

When you compare home insurance policies, look carefully at what each of them offers. Things like accidental damage, which is highly advisable if you have little children or over-enthusiastic pets, and legal protection may cost extra. Sometimes these aren’t included in the basic quote, so you will need to add them on.

Your policy will also contain an excess, which is the amount you pay to the insurer when you make a claim. You can choose how much your excess is but remember, a low excess = high premium and a high excess equals yes, you’ve guessed it, a low premium. It can be tempting to have a higher excess to reduce your initial cost, but if you have to claim to get your stuff replaced after a burglary or flood, you could end up spending a lot of money just to get back what’s already yours.

So now you know what you need to insure, but what’s the best way to protect it?

Well, you’ve come to the right place already. Getting a cheap home insurance quote couldn’t be easier. When we help you find the best prices, it’ll be up to you to decide which one to plump for. Be aware that paying monthly for your cover can cost more because of high interest rates. Try to pay up front if you can.

It may sound obvious, but if you are going to buy insurance for your house, make sure you stick around to get the benefit of it. Some policies won’t cover you if you are away from your home for 60 days or more and you’ll need to tell your provider if this is the case.

So put the kettle on, get a nice cuppa and compare the best deals today. We’ll help bring all the leading providers into your home, allowing you to buy cheap home insurance from the comfort of your own little nest.

We’re are ready, willing and more than a little able so let us help you get home insurance online for brilliant prices. If you want that added personal touch, you can phone the Ant-Line on 0800 479 2821* and speak to friendly UK based advisers.

Peace of mind is guaranteed and we’re sure you’ll be happy with the policies you find.

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