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life insurance

Quality, Affordable Life Insurance Quotes

It’s scary to think about, but one day you won’t be here. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your loved ones and those who depend on you are looked after, which is why you need the best life insurance policy you can get.

Getting cheap life insurance doesn’t mean you are skimping on cover or not leaving your family enough money to cope after you’ve gone. It’s just means that you have been clever and got the best deal with the help of the InsureAnts.

There are many providers that offer a large range of policies; each one is different, and when looking for life cover, UK customers may find themselves grow more and more confused. We will help you compare the largest chunk of the market possible so you can find the perfect policy which suits your budget and your own specific needs.

So what is life insurance?

It is often referred to as term assurance. This is a policy which pays out a lump sum to your family when you die. It could be money to cover the rest of your mortgage, to pay off debts or to support your family financially after you’ve gone.

Your policy will come with a fixed term length, which usually covers the amount of years you have left to pay on your mortgage. But, you can pick your own length of term. This will of course affect the cost of your premium and your family will only get a pay out if you die within that period of time.

When it comes to term assurance, you can have level or decreasing. Level will pay a set amount of money not matter when you pass away whereas decreasing will just pay what’s left on your mortgage at that time. Therefore, level is a dearer option, but will cover your loved ones for more than just your mortgage – it will cover any debts or bill you leave behind or just keep them financially safe.

It’s a bit of a balancing act – you don’t want to be spending too much on life insurance every month, but you want to make sure your loved ones are provided for after you’ve gone. Take the time to think it over and talk about it with your family. Look at the amount of money you want to get cover for against what you can afford every month.

Life cover doesn’t always pay out on death. If you have critical illness cover, you will get a lump sum, if you are diagnosed with a serious illness and can’t work or provide for your family. Critical illness can be bought separately or added on to your existing policy.

When you compare life insurance online, there is a wealth of information you need from basic life cover to more complicated circumstances such as pre-exisiting medical conditions. Finding suitable protection doesn’t have to be as difficult as you have been led to believe, you can find affordable policy that’s right for you swiftly and promptly. Whether you have just bought a house, started a family or need life insurance over 50, take the time to review your options and make the choice thats best suited to your circumstances.

When you look at the range of the benefits on offer, we know you’ll be looking for the peace of mind a good value policy can provide and we will get you that peace of mind.

Life insurance will:

• Pay off existing debts like a mortgage, loans or credit cards

• Replace lost income. Your family may depend on the money you earn and if that isn’t there, your policy will replace that income.

• Pay expenses like funeral costs or medical bills.

• Provide financial security for your children.

No two people are the same, so no two life insurance policies will be the same either. Some offer different benefits to others so it’s worth reading through all the quotes you receive carefully and you may even want to speak to an adviser. We can arrange all that for you from the comfort of your own home.

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