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Motorcycles may not cost as much as cars, but when it comes to insurance, they can burn up a fair bit of your budget. Comparing quotes online is the best way to save money.

A number of factors can determine how much cover costs. You’ll need to be aware of all these variables before you start comparing policies. Your age and the make and model of your bike, where you keep your bike and any previous claims or convictions will all be taken into account when you get a quote. We’ll help you search a huge chunk of the market to find your cheap motorcycle insurance, but there are a number of other ways you can keep your costs down.

There’s more risk associated with bikes than cars so you should consider whether you need your bike all the time. Just using it for pleasure and recreation will keep the cost of your premiums down while if you also use to commute, you’ll end up paying out more. Maybe you should think about taking the bus to work and saving your wild side for the weekend.

Security is a word insurers just love to hear. Even if you live in a high risk area where there has been a lot of theft or where traffic is heavy, you can still keep your bike safe. Get it fitted with an immobiliser and, if possible, lock it up for the night.

Age is also a big factor when it comes to bike insurance. You may find that adding more experienced riders to your policy could actually see your premiums reduced. For younger riders, though, the cost will go up.

Then there’s the old excess balance – take out a big excess and you’ll save on your premiums. But then, if you do make a claim, you’ll have to pay a lot more of your hard earned cash before you see any back from your provider. A lower excess means a higher premium, but also means you’ll get more out of your insurer when your need them most.

Choosing the right cover

Now, this isn’t what you throw over your bike at the end of the day. Deciding on what type of cover you take out for your bike can depend on how often you use it or what you want to be covered for. If you don’t drive often or avoid peak traffic, you may go for basic cover.

The most basic type of cover allowed by law is third party. In the event of you causing an accident, this will cover the other person or people involved and any property you may damage. It is, of course, the cheapest form of cover avalable.

If you want a bit more protection than that, but are still operating on a tight budget, you should look at third party fire and theft. This gives the same cover as third party if you cause an accident, but also gives you protection if your bike is stolen or damaged by fire. Although it is still a budget option, premiums can vary a lot depending on the neighbourhood you live in and whether there has been a lot of theft there.

For people wanting the best type of cover, fully comprehensive is the one to go for. In the event of an accident, it covers you and third parties as well as damage to property. It offers a range of other benefits too which you should study carefully.

You’ll find a wide range of options to choose from, and also advice on extra bits that you can add to your bike insurance. Even when you go fully comprehensive, there are some things you won’t be covered for and which you will have to factor in when calculating your final quote.

Stuff you can add on to your policy includes:

Legal protection: This will help cover the legal costs if you are involved in an accident.
Personal accident: If you are in an accident, whether it’s your fault or not, and you need medical treatment, personal accident will cover the costs. It will also help you out with loss of wages if you are off work for a long time because of the accident.

Breakdown cover: You won’t want to be left high and dry if your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Breakdown cover will provide roadside assistance and cover you for mechanical failure. It will also make sure you get home or to your chosen destination.

Right, now you know what want, what’s the best way to get it?

Well, you’re nearly there – just fill out the simple form provided and we will help you find cheap bike insurance swiftly and promptly. Remember to give as much detail as possible about you and your bike. That way, you’ll be able to find the policy that suits you best.

Comparing policies will not only save you money, but it will also save you time. Even if you are renewing an existing policy, it’s always best to compare quotes instead of just letting your insurer renew automatically.

Don’t just take our word for it – consumers can save up to 45% by using comparison website. So get your motor running and we’ll head out on the highway to find you a brilliant deal on motorbike insurance today.

Get a quote online now or call the Ant-Line today provided by our partners at Call Connection on [bikenumber].

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