Motorbike Safety Checks – A Guide

motorbike maintenanceEnsure Your Bike is Safe With a Few Quick Checks

BrillyAnt likes his bikes, but he also likes being prepared and that doesn’t just mean have a good motorbike insurance policy in place before he heads on the highway.

This diligent InsureAnt likes to make sure everything’s in order on his bike, but following a chat with one of his mates in the insurance industry, he was surprised to find out that not all bikers are the same.

Swinton Insurance conducted a survey among its motorbike insurance customers and found many of them can’t carrying out straightforward maintenance jobs.

Brilly was gobsmacked. He considers having a good knowledge of bike maintenance to be like an insurance policy itself, in that it will really come in useful when you need it most.

According to Swinton’s findings, a fifth of the 1200 customers the questioned didn’t know how to perform basic checks on their motorbikes. Well, you don’t need Brilly to tell how dangerous that can be. Not only could it put you at risk out on the road, but it could also lead to having to fix more complex and expensive faults further down the line.

“A few simple checks will give you a more enjoyable riding experience and most importantly give you piece of mind that everything on your bike is in good working order,” said Anthony Aronin, the head honcho of Swinton Bike Insurance.

“Make sure you continually consult your manual, have a friend check over your work and don’t make any changes if you are not 100 per cent sure what to do.”

So what can bikers to do make sure their wheels are ready for action. Well, here are a few tips:

* You should check the tyre pressure every week. Wait until they’ve cooled down, of course and this will give the most accurate idea of the pressure and stop your hands get burnt.

* Check the chain tension. It’s always wise to do this when someone is getting onto the bike as the chain will be tighter once the get on.

* Keep a good eye on the battery and grease the battery terminals if necessary. This will stop it becoming corroded. You should also check the battery’s acid level, but you must take caution while doing this.

* The motorbike’s coolant level will need checked, but only once the radiator has cooled down.

* If you need to change the oil in the bike, do so by heating the engine up and taking the filler cap off.

And remember, for another great way to protect yourself and your bike, compare motorbike insurance quotes at

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