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Perfect Cover for Mans Best Friend

WE love playing fetch at InsureAnts HQ. But, don’t worry, no-one’s throwing a stick around (well, we don’t want to annoy GrAnt with his health and safety obsession, do we?).

No, the kind of fetching we like is our customers fetching cheap quotes from our selected providers for customers who just adore their pooches. We leave the throwing and catching to our satisfied clients.

So what do you need to look out for when buying dog insurance? It can be hard to know what you need to cover your pet for. That’s why we’ve supplied this online dog insurance buyers guide for our customers to peruse before setting out to look through the quotes you have searched for. This article is extremely useful in helping you cut down on unnecessary expenses so, sink your teeth into this handy guide and start saving money.

Pet Insurance – Looking after man’s best friend

We know it can be rewarding, but looking after a dog can require a lot of time, money and energy. You need to make sure your four-legged friend is in top shape, so you’ll want to make sure he or she eats well, expends tonnes of energy and has a nice safe and cosy bed to lie down on at night.

You may also like your dog to look presentable, so a bit of grooming here and there, as well as some behavioural training may be needed.

Of course, you’ll want your dog to enjoy all this for many years, so it’s vital that you look after their health as well. This will require regular vaccinations and check-ups with the vet.

Do I need dog insurance?

At a time when cuts are being made to household budgets, pet insurance may be one of the things that gets the chop.

Some dog owners may cancel their policies or not renew them when they are up. If you feel it is something you don’t need, then spending money on pet insurance may seem like a waste.

However, not insuring your pet could lead to great expenses further down the line as you would not be covered for things like vets bills.

What are the risks for dog owners?

Around half of all pets will require some form of treatment this year, so there’s a high possibility that your dog could be visiting the vet.

The average vet’s bill is £469 for a pedigree dog in the UK, but some can run into the thousands depending on the severity of the condition your dog is suffering from.

Persistent medical treatment for your dog could see vets bills spiral out of control. That’s why people take out dog insurance, so they are able to have these costs covered. Around one-third of pet owners will make a claim on their pet insurance a year.

What if I’m not covered?

If you don’t have dog insurance and your dog requires pricey medical treatment, you can seek the assistance of some canine charities such as the Dogs Trust. However, their kind donations may not be enough to fully cover the cost of the treatment.

If you are in a position to pay for unforeseen vet’s bills and the general care of your dog, then you probably don’t require dog insurance. However, not many people are able to meet the expense of good medical treatment for their pets.

What would I be covered for?

One of the key advantages of pet insurance is that it can help out with the cost of vets’ bills. This can be a great help, especially if your dog is involved in an accident or is suddenly struck down by illness.

It can also help you out if you have to come home early from holiday due to your pet or help out with the cost of advertising for a lost pet and pay towards any reward.

If your dog causes damage to another person or their property, you pet insurance policy may also help with the expenses. This is something which takes many pet owners by surprise, but insurers can offer liability for up to £2million.

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