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No matter where you are heading off to, travel insurance is the one thing you can’t do without – yes, even more important than the plug adaptor thingy and the Tetley tea bags. And with so many insurance companies, banks and building societies offering travel insurance, there are so many choices out there for every type of traveller.

Whether you just want to soak up some sun, jet off on an adventure holiday or grab your skis and head for the Piste, you’ll find a policy that’s perfect for you.

When you compare travel insurance online, make sure you do your research thoroughly to get the correct cover for your needs and provide as much detail as possible so you can find the best deal that suits your needs.

Guard Against Unforseen Events

Travel insurance has become even more important nowadays with the rise of low-cost airlines and cheap package deals. Taking out a good policy will guard you against cancellations or other unforeseen events.

You should always factor travel cover into your overall holiday budget. There are two main types of cover you can buy – single trip or annual. If you have one big holiday in the summer, then single trip or direct cover will suit you best. If you make a number of trips throughout the year, or just like to have the option of jetting off whenever the mood takes you, then you should consider an annual travel policy. If you are off spending the kids’ inheritance then travel insurance for the over 65s could be for you.

There are many advantages of this type of cover, not least the peace of mind it gives you, especially when you are trying to relax. A few of the perks include:

  • Kids go free

Yes, families just love to see that sign when booking a holiday so it can be reassuring when your policy provides free cover for children. Free kids cover means you don’t have worry about shelling out extra money to cover everybody in the family, leaving you free to take your little ones anywhere in the world to broaden their horizons.

  • Getting the right cover

You need to think carefully about what type of holiday you are going on and get a policy that fits. Travel insurance can be cheaper at certain times of the year, so decide when to travel and then whether you need single-trip, family or an annual policy. Getting this right means you won’t pay too much for cover you don’t need, or even take out a policy that doesn’t give you enough cover – like poor old Brilly.

  • Medical cover

This a key feature of any good policy. If you are sick or get injured abroad, you may run up big medical bills. With good travel cover, that will all be taken care of, so you won’t have to worry too much about trying out the local delicacies. Travel insurance over 65 usually comes with great medical cover.

  • Get your packing done right

We know that you’ll try and cram as much into your suitcase as you can when you go off on holiday. A travel insurance policy should be no different. Just because we are saving you money it doesn’t mean you have to cut back on your cover.

We’ll Help You Find The Best Travel Insurance Deals

You’ll find that many policies can blended together to suit your specific needs, a bit like that cocktail you asked that Spanish waiter to whizz up – only this will help you see more clearly! Whether you are taking a whole squad on holiday or travelling alone, cheap travel insurance will make sure you enjoy your break.

Getting travel insurance online for families could not be easier. With many holiday destinations geared towards families, there are a huge range of policies out there competing for you money. So take advantage of that and let us find you the best deal on travel insurance.

Even if you are travelling as a couple or travelling alone, comparing policy features is essential. You’ll want to know that your baggage is safe and with baggage cover coming as a key feature of most policies, your mind will be at ease.

Going online to compare travel insurance means you will save money and time. This will give you more time to plan your journey and make sure you’re not worried about breaking the budget.

We know that you’ve worked hard and saved up your money for a nice relaxing holiday. Sure, every pound, euro or dollar will be accounted for, but spending five minutes with us to compare deals will actually save you money.

This type of cover really is value for money – for a few quid you can be covered for any eventuality. So put down that straw donkey and spend the money more wisely on the proper travel protection. Your family will thank you for it – and they’ll be glad you took out the insurance too.

So get the InsureAnts on your case and let them help to find the right package for you. You can also call the Antline provided by our partners at Call Connection on 0800 479 2821*.

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