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van insurance

Van Insurance – How much can you save?

When you compare van insurance at, you’ll be blown away by how quickly we get to work uncovering some great deals and advice. Whatever you use your van for, whether it’s the odd delivery here or there, or a more large-scale operation, we know that your time is precious.

For many people, your van is your business, so you want to know that when you’re looking for van insurance, comparing quotes can be done quickly and easily, while still supplying you with the best policies that can be found to protect your livelihood. With InsureAnts, finding the best deals has never been easier.

Save Time & Money on Your Van Insurance

When your business is mostly done on wheels, you don’t have time spare phoning around lots of insurers, or even visiting an endless list of websites. Finding commercial vehicle insurance could not be easier, simply fill in the form and it’ll do all the legwork. With an ever-increasing number of companies offering cheap deals, it pays to have us on your side to help you find the best cover that fits your needs perfectly.

We’ll take all the hassle out of finding a quote, leaving you enough time to get that order out, get stuck into the latest maintenance job or send the work experience kid out for some striped paint or a sky hook.

Don’t worry; you won’t get sold short either. We will show you how to find some of the best deals on top quality cover, but you also have to think about what other features you want your policy to have. Simply going for the cheapest option could cost you in the long run.

You could take out a van insurance policy at a rock bottom price only to find it doesn’t give you enough cover and then when you do have to make a claim, you could end up shelling out even more of your hard-earned dough. Hardly value for money, is it? Getting a job done on the cheap doesn’t always mean it’s done right.

When it comes to commercial vehicle cover, things tend to get more costly. If you use a van for business, it will cost you more than if you’re just spinning around for fun. But that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for sky-high prices.

Where you will definitely save money is by getting your van insurance online, so you’ve taken the right step to start with. Don’t be bothered with multiple stop offs in your search for cheaper cover, visit the InsureAnts, and we’ll deliver the goods for you.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance – How can you get such great deals?

For a start, our partners have a pretty good relationship with a lot of insurers and because they drive so much business their way, get the best quotes for van insurance.

And then there’s the coverage. By searching the biggest area of the market you are bound to find a great deal. Some of the other comparison sites can only give quotes from as little as half the market at any one time.

When you compare the deals on offer, make sure you’re not just getting cheap prices, but you’re getting the best cover that’s on offer too.

Whether it’s commercial vehicle cover, fleet van insurance for your business, courier van, temporary cover or short term van insurance, you’ll find it right here online.

Compare van insurance online or call the Ant-Line on 0800 479 2821* – you might find you could save even more money by talking to a friendly adviser and telling them a bit more about yourself (although they don’t really want to know what your favourite biscuit for dunking is).

By keeping an eye on the market all day, every day, you know that when you’re given a quote, it is up-to-date, with that lovely new quote smell still on it.

So don’t hang about, fill out the simple quote form or get on the blower and call now.

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